Adult Choir

Adult Choir


This group is open to anyone who is 18 and older. The Adult Choir provides leadership in the 11 AM worship service and also sings in other services during special occasions throughout the year, such as Christmas and Easter. We rehearse every Wednesday at 7 PM in the choir room. 

Our Adult Choir has recorded 4 CDs. “You Are God Alone” in April 2009; “The Promise of Christmas” in December 2010; “The Power of the Cross” in March 2012; and "Say Amen" in May of 2015. 


What if I can’t read music?

No problem! Although we do sing from printed music there are many members who are at different levels of being able to read music. 

What if my voice is not solo material?

Again, no problem! We are uniting our voices together and not relying on just a few. While many of our members sing solos, it is totally optional and no one is asked to sing one if they are not comfortable with that.

Does the choir meet on Sunday mornings?

Our choir meets in the choir room around 10:45 so we can warm-up and make final preparations for the worship service. After the warm-up is completed we assemble in the choir loft moments before the 11 AM service begins. 

What if I want to attend the 8:45 AM service?

Works for us! The adult choir sings early in the 11 AM service and leaves the choir loft during our time of welcome and fellowship. Those who have attended the earlier service are free to leave the campus. We do ask that every choir member be present for the sermon at either service they prefer.

For more information, please contact Clay Layfield.