Core Values

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Core Values

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Knowledge – Produce Life-long Learners By:

  • offering a comprehensive academic foundation from a biblical worldview for students at various ability levels.
  • developing critical thinking skills in our students.
  • equipping students to effectively apply acquired knowledge.
  • preparing students for the ever-changing cultural challenges in our world.

Faith – Creating Disciples By:

  • assisting students in developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • teaching students to articulate the biblical foundations of the faith.
  • providing service opportunities that will impact others for Christ.

Character – Developing Strength, Humility and Integrity By:

  • insisting on honor and integrity inside and outside the classroom.
  • teaching students the importance of treating each person as a fellow image-bearer.
  • developing an others-centered ethic of service in the home and community.
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Objectives & Philosophy

Eastman First Baptist Church and Cornerstone Christian Academy hold that Christian education is a directive from God for the Christian family (Proverbs 22:6; Deuteronomy 6:6-9). We believe that the process of education should be designed to encourage holistic growth by increasing knowledge and faith as well as developing character. Students should be grounded in a biblical worldview, patriotism, citizenship, moral character and superior academic knowledge.

Our Goals:

  • To encourage children to think clearly, logically and independently.
  • To achieve mastery in the tools of learning and communication.
  • To lead children to a personal knowledge of Christ as Savior.
  • To prepare children to serve God effectively throughout their lives.
  • To prepare children to be responsible and productive citizens of our community and nation.