Instrumental Ensembles



The orchestra is open to any instrumentalist from grade 9 and up and provides musical leadership in the 11 AM worship service. Rehearsals take place on Wednesdays at 6 and on Sundays at 10 AM during the Sunday School hour. 



Our handbell choir consists of 12 members and membership is only available through an audition. Not only will this group perform frequently in our morning worship services, they will perform in other locations, such as local nursing homes and even the Dodge State Prison. This group is most active during the Christmas season and has become well-known in our area for their musical excellence.



We have other vocal ensembles that provide leadership during our worship services. Membership in this group is limited to those who are regular attenders of our adult choir. 


We have other musical ensembles that also provide musical leadership frequently. For more information concerning any of these ensembles, contact Clay Layfield.