Kid's Parents

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We are ready for your children at FBCE; and, we are ready for you, the parent! 

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As a ministry team, we understand that parents and guardians are primarily charged by God with the awesome opportunity of raising the next generation (Deut. 6). In a typical week, we see your children for about 2-4 hours. You care for your children the remaining 164-166 hours. And we understand that those 164-166 hours are not always easy.

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At Ministry For Generations Kids and at the Preschool Generation, we want to encourage, serve and equip you to care for your children by:

  1. Getting books, articles, and other helpful resources into your hands
  2. Providing you with family devotions that tie into our Sunday School and Wednesday Night Quest lessons 
  3. Offering activities designed specifically to encourage you as a parent
  4. Meeting with you and your family