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Children and Preschool Ministry

Welcome To Ministry For Generations

We would love for your children (and for you as parents) to be a part of Ministry For Generations. At First Baptist Church, we get that our kids are growing up in an ever-changing, post-Christian world. And we can’t wait to introduce them to the Lord Jesus Christ!







 When You Arrive

When bringing your child to a preschool or children’s event/activity head towards the Children’s Ministry Center. Once you enter the CMC, you will see the Welcome Desk located in the center of the building. At the Welcome Center desk, we will sign your child in and help everyone get to their group. We will give you two name tags. One goes on your child; one goes with you. (You will show the tag to your child's teacher to pick up your child.) Once you are all set, a Welcome Center Volunteer will escort you and your child to your child’s classroom! See you soon!

To help ensure the safety of your children:

  1. We run background checks on all preschool/children's ministry staff and volunteers 
  2. We've equipped the Children’s Ministry Center with a video surveillance system that runs 24 hrs. a day, seven days a week
  3. We sanitize and clean the facility after every event
  4. If your child needs you, we will page you via a text message

For more information, please contact Roger Gilreath.