C.O.R.E. Groups

What Are C.O.R.E. Groups?

C.O.R.E groups are the Sunday school ministry of our church. C.O.R.E stands for groups that are Christ-centered, Outward focused Relational, and Evangelistic. These groups are a great way to get involved with a small group and to build relationships in our church and are designed for Bible study, ministry, fellowship, and friendship. Our classes meet from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. every Sunday and are divided into these areas:

Nursery, Preschool, Children, Youth, College, Singles, Married Couples, Adult Women, Adult Men, and Senior Adults.

Learn more about each of our Adult C.O.R.E. Groups below!


Location: Room A-301 (Third Floor)
Teacher: Rob & Kim Stanley
Study Material: Books

Our group is about having fun exploring God’s word while sharing the ‘Journey’ of life together.
  • Relaxed, casual format
  • Inclusive (ages 20-99, married or single)
  • Discussion based (not afraid to chase some rabbits)
  • Many opportunities to serve our community - leadership team plans quarterly fellowships, missions, & outreaches.


Location: Room B-207 (Second Floor)
Teachers: Gerry Kirkley & Patricia Underwood
Study Material: Bible Studies for Life

We are “The JOY” CORE Group! Our group consists of ladies of all ages! “Bible Studies For Life” is the materials that we use each week! Our goal is to study God’s word so that we grow in faith and apply God’s Word to our personal lives. We pray and support each other as well as those in the community. The JOY of the Lord is our strength! Nehemiah 8:10


Location: Room B-208 (Second Floor)
Teacher: Zack Mercer
Study Material: Bible Studies for Life

Locasha is an adult men’s group utilizing the Bible Studies for Life material. We are a relatively small group of men, ages 55-70+. We have single, widowed, and married men in our group. We are an interactive class that encourages discussion, emphasizes prayer and support for members, and involvement with our community.

Common Ground

Location: Room B-205 (Second Floor)
Teacher: Dennis Giddens
Study Material: The Gospel Project

Common Ground Core Group is a mission-minded group of singles and marrieds, age 40 and up who enjoy Bible discussion and application while studying The Gospel Project literature.

Now I See

Location: Room B-204 (Second Floor)
Teacher: Timmy Smith
Study Material: Explore the Bible

Now I See is a CORE Group of young adults to senior adults who come together to search the Scriptures, believing them to be a lamp to our feet and a light to our paths. We invite you to join us!

Followers of Faith

Location: Room B-203 (Second Floor)
 Terry Niblett
Study Material:
Explore the Bible

Followers of Faith is a group that studies the Word of God and encourages each other to joyfully advance God’s Kingdom.


Location: Room B-201 (Second Floor)
Teacher: Amy Layfield
Study Material: The Gospel Project

L.A.C.E. stands for Ladies After Christ's Example. We are a group of ladies between the ages of 22-60 that love the Lord and love one another.

Watch Women

Location: Room A-203 (Second Floor)
Teacher: Debbie Mercer
Study Material: Master Work

Watch Women is an adult women’s group of all ages utilizing the Master Work Bible Study material. We are a small interactive group that encourages discussion, prayer, community involvement and support for each other.

Isaac & Rebekah

Location: Room A-205 (Second Floor)
Sharon Smith
Study Material: 
Explore the Bible

Isaac and Rebekah is a group filled with growing Christians seeking to understand and follow God’s will. Our group is made up of singles and couples who seek to minister in our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and uttermost parts of the world. We are studying and fellowshipping in Room 205 immediately after exiting the elevator on the second floor. We welcome all to become a part of our fellowship and journey.

New Horizons

Location: Room A-207 (Second Floor)
Teacher: Reggie Sheffield
Study Material: The Gospel Project

New Horizons is a group that is similar to a small church: adults of varied ages and stages in life who desire to encourage each other, and others, in a "Titus 2" teaching and learning environment; while together seeking to grow as Christ-centered, Outward-focused, Relationship building, evangelistic disciple-makers. Come and see what God is doing!

Life Together

Location: Room A-211 (Second Floor)
Benton Sanders & Joseph Jones
Study Material: 
The Gospel Project

Life Together is a group of singles and couples in their mid 20’s to mid 40’s who exist to do life together, as described in Acts 2:42-47. We would love to have you join us!

College & Career 1

Location: Room W-205 (Second Floor, Welcome Center)
Teacher: Andrew & Kathryn Sawyer
Study Material: Explore the Bible

The College and Career 1 Group is made up of high school graduates and college students who are building a firm foundation in their Christian faith as they pursue goals which honor Christ.

College & Career 2

Location: Room W-203 (Second Floor, Welcome Center)
Teacher: Isaac & Darla Faulk
Study Material: Bible Studies for Life

College and Career 2 is a Core Group which includes a wide age range and people in various stages of life, from late teens through early 30's. Many members are single, while others have families but all are welcome. We focus on Bible study each Sunday morning and occasional Christ centered activities and projects in a casual and welcoming environment.


Location: Room A-305 (Third Floor)
Tim Vaughn
Study Material:
Bible Studies for Life

The Proclaimers are a group of believers who support each other as we study and learn more about our Savior. Our goal is to show the love of Jesus and share the message of salvation in our homes and in our everyday interactions with others. We invite you to come and grow with us!

Mildred McCranie

Location: Room B-102 (First Floor, Fellowship Hall)
Teacher: Anne McCranie
Study Material: Bible Studies for Life

The Mildred McCranie C.O.R.E. Group is a group of ladies 70+ that are interested in intense Bible study and participating in church and community projects that proclaim the name of Jesus so that others may come to know Him as their Savior.


Location: Room W-101 (First Floor, Welcome Center)
Teacher: Emory Peacock
Study Material: Bible Studies for Life

The Chapel CORE Group is a group of mature adult Christians. We love the Lord and diligently study the Bible, God’s Word, to enhance our lives and strengthen our testimonies. Our group readily offers assistance and support when made aware of a need. New members are encouraged to attend and become a part of our fellowship. All are welcome!


Location: Room W-103 (First Floor, Welcome Center)
Rita Woodard
Study Material: 
Explore the Bible

The Esther Sisters meets each Sunday to study God’s Word thru Lifeway’s “Explore The Bible” material. In this way we seek God’s leading “at such a time as this” through each Book of the Bible. We also fellowship, share & pray for our members & others’ needs, as well as minister throughout the week. Come join us as we serve & share Jesus Christ together. (Esther 4:14b)

Sallie Bacon

Location: Room W-105 (First Floor, Welcome Center)
Teacher: Diane Giddens & Patricia Underwood
Study Material: Bible Studies for Life

The Sallie Bacon Core group is a group of ladies seeking to learn about our Lord and Savior through studying God’s word and sharing life together. Our desire is to grow in Him and share the gospel with others. We meet in Room W-105 located beside the welcome center desk.


Location: Room B-101 (First Floor, Fellowship Hall)
Teacher: Al Daniell
Study Material: Bible Studies for Life

D.O.C. stands for Disciples of Christ. We are a wonderful group of men who study the Bible well, as we participate in our core group together. We love the Lord and give to various ministries regularly. If you are a seasoned man and you do not have a place to study and fellowship on Sunday mornings, come join us!

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